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2. 9. 2006

Sweet :*




Bittersweet :*



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For everybody

(olgaprymak@ukr.net, 9. 12. 2007 21:12)

That song 'Bittersweet' is very cool. I like it. What you think abot collaboration of Lauri and Ville?

TO andrea geisse

(lintu (authoress web), 8. 11. 2006 17:55)

A know,this pictures are super and crazy ! Lauri and Vill are the best ! XD


(andrea geisse, 7. 11. 2006 20:11)

i like this pics, they are really cool
take care al of you¡¡¡


(penito, 30. 9. 2006 3:24)

without consequence???...you're afraid...don't make me smile... try to don't have fear and maybe one of this days we will...the thing is that i'm so far from your country... then only we can talk by msg... then if you don't have fear leave samothing and we will talk... (really i don't think that you will do that you look like a very afraid girl/boy)by the moment... bye!

to pene

(lintu(authoress web), 19. 9. 2006 10:31)

without consequence .........


(pene, 16. 9. 2006 3:48)

no i'm speak english too... why do you want to talk with me???


(lintu(authoress web) to pene, 7. 9. 2006 19:50)

I know,Ville is crazy and queer,but super (anyway)!!Do you speak english or only Spanish ??


(pene, 6. 9. 2006 21:07)

ville es loco o drogado!!! es como torturante tener k estar al lado d el miren la cara de lintu!!! terrible el ville no?