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Photo IX+Lauri and his EX-GIRLFRIEND

2. 7. 2006

Lauri Ylonen and his girlfriend.

Now, They have a children, together.

I wish a GOOD LUCK ! 

Web about Paula Vesala from PMMP




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(guest, 10. 4. 2007 14:33)

Okay, I'll try and timeline it:

2004 (I dont know what time, so for arguments sake we'll call it summer): Lauri meets Paula in a pub/club and they start dating

2005: Lauri/Paula move in together, Lauri writes the song "Keep your heart broken" which is about Paula.

Summer 2006: There are rumours of a split between Lauri/Paula and rumours of a relationship between Olavi/Paula. Lauri buys a new house, Paula buys a new flat and it is said that they dont live together anymore.There is also a rumour that at this time, Mira was not getting on with Paula and PMMP were going to split because of Paula's attitude. None of this was confirmed.

Late summer 2006: It is rumoured that Paula/Olavi are dating, the article of which is in Katso magazine.

Late 2006: Lauri and Paula are spotted together (and photographed) at a Hay and Stone gig. They looked a bit miffed.

March 2007: It is claimed in Katso that Paula and Lauri are "back together" and have been seen kissing in a restaurant in Helsinki. Lauri has been seen at pretty much every PMMP gig so far. They are also seen together at the EMMA awards in Finland (Lauri had no part in the awards so the only reason he was there was to support Paula/PMMP).

The "break up" was only a rumour. There was never any confirmation that Olavi dated Paula, it was just a rumour in a magazine because they were seen leaving a nightclub together. At the time, Olavi was on tour with PMMP filming a documentary.

As for the wife and kids thing, I've always wondered why P/L havent got engaged already, they've been seeing each other long enough... but then I guess they dont see each other all that much, I know in 2004/5 they were often apart due to touring (as Paula writes in the song Oo siela jossain muin) and it was only around the summer of 2006 that they've managed to spend more time together (possibly the reason behind the split?)

Anyways, at this moment they are still together and live in Lauri's flat in Helsinki (until they move to his new house)


(Ras, 9. 4. 2007 19:37)

i know, i also read that about olavi..but i just saw this interview on youtube with HIM and the rasmus, where lauri said that he was so in love with the band, and didn't had any time for wife and kids yet:)That was after the Hide from the sun album, because Ville tried to sing Sail Away...and from then till now it's not three years yet, so that's kind of strange.I guess tabloids and stuff are blowing things a liitle bit out of proportion.


(------, 8. 4. 2007 8:10)

well then, what happened with olavi? i read in a magazine that they were together, i read it last year, so i think it is soon to broke up.
so my question is: paula and olavi are still together or no? or to make it more easy: paula and lintu are back? and please remember we're in 2007 all that stuff that i read was in 2006 and what i read about paula and lauri was in "dead letters" times.


(Ras, 3. 4. 2007 10:32)

Ok, was just wondering:) thx,


(guest, 2. 4. 2007 19:07)

They haven't actually confirmed it as such (There were rumours that Lauri told a radio station about the relationship but there was never any actual proof). They have been dating for nearly 3 years now, and have lived together for about 2. At the moment Lauri is on tour with PMMP (he has been seen at all of their gigs so far). It is always being reported that they have been seen together in the Finnish gossip magazines (often with pictures). So they are definitely still together and still very much in love.


(RaRasm, 2. 4. 2007 10:58)

Can I ask how you guys know this? Only from these pictures or did they both confirmed it or something? I read once that he said that his heart goes out to the band...


(guest, 1. 4. 2007 18:50)

They are still together unfortunately girls. They both live in Lauri's apartment in Helsinki and they are due to move into his new house together shortly.


(Carol, 1. 4. 2007 14:10)

Paula is normal girl,but she is not for Lauri...(they are still together?)


(adie, 27. 1. 2007 21:45)

yeah i have read it...i hope Paula dates with Olavi not with Lauri.I think that she isn´t girl for Lauri.She is self-confident and bigheaded-in my opinion!
They´re keep a secret about their relationship...i´d like to know if they are together...

here's another rumor

(monse, 17. 1. 2007 2:50)

in paulavesala.atspace.com there's the next rumor:Paula and Olavi celebrated together at Provinssirock festival, before going out clubbing and then spending the night in a hotel. (The picture is apparently of them leaving the hotel). It has long been rumored that Paula had broken up with Lauri (Rasmus) as the pair had not been seen out together in quite some time. Olavi's relationship with Reetaleena (Husky Rescue) turned out to be only friendship, and Paula and Olavi have since been seen together many times mainly in Helsinki. Paula refilled rumors of a break up with Lauri at a Press conference for the Ankkarock gig. When asked about Lauri she got angry and replied that she didn't talk about her personal life or relationships and ended the interview. Paula and Olavi were seen to be very cozy at the Provinssirock festival, sparking rumors of a relationship.


(Mónylonen, 7. 1. 2007 19:11)

La verdad no se lo merece, despuès de todo lo que estuvo diciendo de Lauri y de la banda. Pero bueno... espero que ya hayan terminado... Aùnque no sè que tiene la tipa que no me cae tan mal, y hasta discos de su banda tengo hehe.

TO Andrea

(Lintu (authoress web), 7. 1. 2007 12:23)



(andrea, 7. 1. 2007 0:23)

por favor!!!

diganme ke no es ciertoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
voy a morir!! el es la luz de mi vida!!! preferiria k anduviera kn otra pero no ko eia!!!!
hay no!! =´(


(Andrea, 7. 1. 2007 0:20)

oh! god!!!!
please this is bullshit!!!!!!!

i hate paula!!!!

TO z.ly.

(lintu (authoress web), 1. 1. 2007 13:26)

ne už je to fakt minulost...:)


(z.l.y., 1. 1. 2007 10:55)

Hej ty jo,zjistěte to někdo pořádně, jestli je s tou čubkou znova nebo je to jenom kec.No ale kdyby jo, tak mu to asi přeju, jestli si je fakt jistej,že zrovna tuhle chce....no jeho věc...ale já bych byla radši pro nějakou jinou...no co už...

TO pumlik

(lintu (authoress web), 24. 11. 2006 20:01)

to už víme,ten odkaz jsem sem dala asi před třema měsícema...:)ale i tak díky...:)


(pumlik, 24. 11. 2006 19:59)

mrkněte se na www.pmmp.blog.cz dozwíte se o paule úplně wšechno!!


(rasma_ylonen@hotmail.com, 21. 11. 2006 22:48)


Lauri a Paula

(Mouse, 21. 11. 2006 12:15)

Ahoj,tak jsem slyšela,že nejen že je Lauri zase s Paulou,ale prý se zasnoubili.....to mě teda chlapec naštval!!!:D.....ale jestli to je pravda...pořád se vedou řeči.:)