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Photo VI

29. 5. 2006






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(ajik, 13. 4. 2009 19:08)

wow fakt uzasny fotky!!!!!!!


(olgaprymak@ukr.net, 18. 12. 2007 18:12)

Lari the best! He is very pretty!


(---FlOr---Lauri te amo con toda mi alma!, 17. 1. 2007 2:19)

No!!! no podes ser el mas lindo del mundo Lauri!! sos el mejor,nunca cambies...AGUANTE THE RASMUS,the best banddd!!
LAURI TE AMO CON TODA EL ALMA! tu fan nº1! como siempre...


again....bla bla bla

(bla bla bla..., 30. 9. 2006 2:54)

you're sad...so sad...but is ok for you.
yes i've a perfect english (if you want have fun we will have fun)...bla bla bla...(if you say stupid things i will say stupid things)... bla bla bla...and: i said bla bla bla and again bla bla bla??? well because if i don't said that i will say that.... bla bla bla (so leave your next msg then i will answer you again bye!)

To bring me to the hell

(lintu(authoress web), 19. 9. 2006 10:29)

Firstly - please, avoid mistakes in your "excellent" English and accordingly keep in mind that my language is as "strange" for you as yours might be for me.
I´m OK with Czech and it seems that in most cases the others have no problem with it either.

Hear from you soon again...

you know who i am

(bring me to the hell, 17. 9. 2006 18:26)

city of idiots!!! there somebody in this cold and empty web site that can write in ENGLISH!!!!?????

The Rasmus

(Jenny, 14. 8. 2006 14:07)



(rasmusacka.cz(autorka webu), 13. 8. 2006 11:53)

souhlasim s vámi ! Lauri je nej :)


(HeartBre@cker, 27. 6. 2006 10:52)

He's my lover number 1!!
I'm italian,sorry...


(Katka, 21. 6. 2006 19:43)

Lauri je fakt nejlepší a nejhezčí kluk na světě. ŽERU HO JAK NIC.


(Mišutka, 19. 6. 2006 9:25)

Lauri je fakt hustej týpek a je sympatickej.